Love Without Borders

The African Needy Family Health Initiative (ANFHI) and the South East Asian Needy families Initiative (SEANFHI) make up the ‘Love Without Borders’ program. ANFHI is designed to assist millions of vulnerable African children and adults have a shot at healthy living. It is also designed to help willing economically stable individuals achieve their personal health needs.

In the same manner, the SEANFHI is designed to assist millions of disadvantaged children in South East Asia to achieve better life through adequate nutrition and education on beneficial public health  issues.

We have observed evidence of dismal academic performance, due to malnutrition, by those children who have maintained dogged determination to attend school in the face of hopelessness. This observation is supported by the result of the most recent study conducted by ‘Save The Children’ and published in May 2013, which asserts that malnutrition adversely affects the reading and writing abilities of school age children.

Malnutrition makes it impossible for children to have a shot at good life because certainly in today’s economy, progress is almost uncertain without education.

The foundation of this program emanates from the Holy Scripture, which teaches us that of all godly qualities, Love is the most important. This program is borne out of the desire and passion of heeding the Christ’s injunction to love unconditionally.

The program performs multi-functions of transforming needy families from malnourished to nourished. It functions to transform such children from poor academic performers to outstanding performers by emphasizing healthful living that enhances physical and neurological development. It also works to transform the obese to a fit and healthy people, thus emphasizing preventive health care while also achieving curative goal.

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